Meet your wedding decorator

Hi, my name is Jenny. I’m passionate about making things beautiful, I think beauty doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be creative. I graduated in Finance and  International Business  and worked in Logistics operation for a kitchenware company couple years back.  Now I’m a wife and a mother of two kids. My life is surrounded by doing activities with my kids, getting them to places,  answering so many questions coming from curious minds, and ending the night with a little dance session playing all kinds of songs (currently our favorite one is ‘Blue Ribbon Bunny’). In my spare time, I like to host a party. It’s a little excuse so I can experiment with my cooking and create a dessert table for my guests. I cannot wait to serve your wedding party soon. 

Meet your wedding photographer

Hi there! My name is Joy and I have been a professional photographer for about 10 years now. I first started my own photography studio 7 years ago and I specialized in couples, newborns, and families. It's not until recently that I began photographing small and intimate weddings, and I just fell in love. The personal atmosphere of the wedding,  the magical decor, the twinkle in the groom's eyes every time he catch a glimpse of his breathtaking wife, the tears of their families and friends when they say, "I do". I want to capture these scared moments forever. It is my honor and passion to be able to photograph your create one-of-a-kind, artful, and timeless images that you both can cherish forever. I sincerely hope to work with you soon! Xo.

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